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Taste the Difference of Local Dutch Buffalo Milk!


Our cheese selection

  • Organic Burrata

    Burrata is a fresh cheese, made from cow or buffalo milk, with a spun paste and rounded shape with an external appearance similar to mozzarella in the shape of a bag with the characteristic apical closure. The inside is soft and stringy, the stracciatella.
  • Organic Stracciatella (250 gr.)

    The stracciatella is a dairy product prepared with buffalo or cow milk. It is made in Italy, in the province of Foggia, and has spread throughout the South. It is a fresh cheese, white in color, made of cream and pieces of pasta filata, following the methods of preparation of burrata. Indeed is the inside…
  • Organic Buffalo Mozzarella (100 gr.)

    Mozzarella di bufala is made from the milk of our buffalo. The mozzarella di bufala is porcelain white just like the buffalo milk. The unit is 100 gr.

How do I get my fresh mozzarella?

Order here and pick it up at our locations.

We follow a strict production plan so we can give you cheese as fresh as possible.


Order before Monday

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Tuesday (17:00 – 18:30)

Wednesday (10:00-14:00)

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Thursday (17:30-18:30)

Friday (10:00-12:00)

Pick-up location:

Mollerusweg 12, 2031BZ Haarlem

Pick-up on Saturday?

Send us a message, we deliver in Amsterdam Noord by appointment!


Discover the Secret of Our Mozzarella

What sets our mozzarella apart? It all starts with the source – we believe in the power of fresh, high-quality ingredients. That’s why every week, we receive farm-fresh milk directly from the Dutch buffaloes grazing in the nearby farm.

Experience the pure essence of freshness in every bite. Indulge in mozzarella like you’ve never tasted before.

The Art of Freshness

Our process is as simple as it is meticulous. We take this fresh milk and transform it into the most exquisite mozzarella and a variety of other fresh dairy products.

Why does freshness matter?

Because mozzarella, at its best, should be enjoyed fresh, ideally within 2-3 days of production. We understand the difference that freshness makes, and we are committed to delivering a product that embodies this principle.

Experience the unparalleled taste of truly fresh mozzarella. Elevate your culinary creations with our premium dairy products.


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La Burrata
La Burrata
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katia gaggero
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About us

You are in good hands!

Meet Ornella and Roberto, the proud owners of La Burrata Cheese Factory!

Since moving to the Netherlands in 2019, Ornella and Roberto have focused on using locally sourced ingredients in the production of their cheeses. Their cheeses are carefully handmade with Dutch milk and traditional Italian techniques, resulting in a blend of cultures.

  • Ornella

    Mozzarella Expert
    Originally from Campania, Italy, oversees both the administrative and production sides of the cheesemaking business.
  • Roberto

    Burrata Specialist
    Roberto comes from Puglia, Italy. A former veterinarian, Roberto found his passion in cheesemaking and now dedicates his time to creating the perfect burrata.

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